Mod.s.t Fashions Look of The Week: Inspired/Getting the Look

Mod.s.t Fashions Look of The Week: Inspired/Getting the Look

Fashion and style blogs seem to be in great numbers these days. These blogs are often meant to inspire the readers and give helpful hints and tips on where to find the best merchandise. This week’s look is all about being inspired by the fashion of others.


Here are a few tips on how to achieve the looks you see others wearing while maintaining modesty, and style…

- Use items you already have in your closet:

  • Don’t try to “copy” the exact look. Instead, go for similar pieces of the same style. For example: If the look you want to mimic features a pink sweater, don’t fret if you don’t have that exact sweater. Try another sweater of a similar style,  knit and/or color.

- Pay attention to the overall feel and style of the look:

  • If the look you want to mimic is a boho chic type of style, go for pieces in that category.

- Note the prints and colors in the desired look and use pieces you have with the same type of print or colors.

- Some looks may not be modest but can be made modest by simply changing certain pieces:

  • Swap skinny jeans for straight leg or boot cut
  • A mini skirt can be exchanged for a mid or knee length skirt
  • Something low cut can be layered over a tee or exchanged for a crew neck

- Don’t be afraid to add your own style.

  • Certain parts of a look may or may not be your style. Substitute these pieces for what suits you.

The look below is an example of recreating a look without using the exact pieces. The blogger is wearing loose fitting jeans, a grey sweater, white fur jacket, brown boots and a grey handbag. I’ve recreated the look using pieces that are similar but not exact. I’ve also added my own style by adding a few more accessories. I hope this week’s tips will help you to modestly recreate your favorite looks. Be sure to stop over at Long Distance Loving and see what looks the ladies of Friday’s Fancies are inspired by this week.

Look of The Week/ Friday's Fanices: Getting The Look/Blogger Inspired (


Getting The Look/Blogger Inspired ( by modestyfashions
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  • Nikell

    Thanks Hallie, I bet it’ll be cute. I look forward to seeing it (^_^)

  • Hallie

    I like this look, want to do a copycat for this one:)

  • Nikell

    Thanks {av}!!!
    I love an easy chic outfit. You know…something that doesn’t take much thought or effort yet still cute and chic.

  • Nikell

    Lol…thanks Lauren!! Those boots are so versatile. They’d go with almost anything.

  • Nikell

    Thank you Nicole!! (^_^)

  • Nikell

    Thanks Brianne !! I think that sweater will go with just about anything.

  • Nikell

    Thanks Claire! I totally agree. It is indeed cozy and a wear anywhere look. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend (^_^)

  • {av}

    I love the subtlety of this outfit–it’s chic without trying too hard! love love love! enjoy your weekend :) xoxo {av} 

  • lauren

    it’s official: i need those boots in my closet!

  • Nicole Rene

    I love everything about this! Especially those boots! Such a comfy outfit but with some amazing style!!! :) Have an amazing weekend!!

  • Brianne

    Cute!  I love this look.  Especially loving that gray sweater.

    PS.  Enter my
    Poshlocket bracelet giveaway :)


  • Clare

    Great outfit, I love the classic, simple, and cozy look. That is definitely a wear anywhere style that you will always look put together in. I found your blog via long distance loving’s Friday’s Fancies!
    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!!Toodles, Twirling